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hands raised
There are many ways for Praise His Name with Dancing families to obtain dance photos:
  • PHNWD Shutterfly Share Site: As of June, 2016, this is the official photo sharing site for PHNWD. There are a few skilled photographers who post high quality photos and class photos for all to enjoy, but all members are invited to post their best photos. You may download photos or order prints. In order to gain access to the site, you will need to sign up for a Shutterfly account and then request membership to the PHNWD Shutterfly Share Site.

  • Jesse Work's Photos: PHNWD student, Jesse Work, was the photographer for our June 2012 celebration. View and order photos at .

  • Joshua J Wood Photography : PHNWD dad and professional wedding photographer, Josh Wood, took some fantastic photos of our 2011 celebration, "Whiter than Snow", as well as class photos and individual photos of many. You may purchase professional prints and digital images by going to > "proofs" > "Praise His Name with Dancing". You may need to send us an e-mail to get the "event key". You will also need to sign the guest book and create a password

  • Megan Moore Photography: Megan took lots of great photos of our June 2009 show. These photos are no longer available on the Megan Moore Photography web site. Contact Megan for information on how to obtain photos.

  • Culp and Associates Photography: Photos of the June 2009 Senior Company poster photo shoot and lots of terrific photos from other shows from 2006-2009 can be viewed and purchased at Select "Clients" on their menu. Then click on "clients" again, and choose "Ballet Memories" from July of 2009. Add your e-mail address and, if you need to, send us an e-mail at for the password.

  • Reflections of Glory Photography: Photos of individuals and classes from May 2008 were taken by Megan Allison. These pictures are no longer available on her Flickr account. Contact Megan by e-mail at or call her at 330.807.4583 to find out how you could order prints or download digital images. Here is the order form that she used back in 2008.

Here are a few scenes from the Summer 2009 production that were photographed by our families.
They can be downloaded for free at our Walmart photo group room.