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Hello Praise His Name with Dancing,

I am sending an e-mail to share that all the class pictures and this past Monday's head shots will be posted in the coming weeks, at the latest by Sunday, June 8th. I apologize for the delay - it is a large volume of photographs which takes a significant amount of time to sort through.

Just as a reminder, June 30th is the deadline to order pictures and yearbooks.

Here again is the address at which to view the photos:

If the PHNWD photos are not the first photos to appear click on "Sets" located under "Lilac's Photostream". A number of sets will appear - click on the set which you'd like to view.

I recommend adding this site as a "favorite" site to find it more easily.

Thank you. Feel free to e-mail to me questions you may have. You are all in my prayers as you prepare for the dance show!

-Megan Allison

Reflections of Glory Photography