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Megan Allison of Reflections of Glory will be doing the photography for our school this year. She will be offering individual & class pictures as well as a yearbook. I have seen Megan's work, and she is very gifted with photography. If weather permits, she will be doing outdoor pictures. The pricing sheets should be out this week.

Our thanks to Sheryl Culp of Culp & Associates who has served us so well in the past years with her outstanding gifting in photography. She will not be doing our pictures and yearbooks this year, but she is still creating our beautiful invitations. We are so grateful to God how you have used your gifts to serve us so well.

Pictures for Monday, May 12 include all the classes, Intermediate Company + Thursday classes. Thursday 4:30 & 5:30 need to arrive at 5:00 for costuming and then will get their class pictures taken during that hour. Junior I, Junior II & Senior Company will have their pictures taken Monday, May 19.

Remember classes may run a little late that day. Please make arrangements for this possiblity just in case. We would also be very grateful for your patience regarding this matter, and we will do our best to run as efficiently as possible.

Please see what each class requirements for undergarments, hair, outfits, etc.

All Monday 2:30 classes (Melody, Jessica, Hannah & Diana's) + Hannah's 5:15 class - white leotard or white spag. strap camisole (it needs to be long enough to tuck into undergarments), white or pink tights & pink ballet slippers. Hair is to be pulled half back.

Jessica & Joslynn's 3:45 Monday - leotard, pink or white tights, pink ballet slippers. Hair pulled half back.

Scott's Boys 3:45 - plain black pants, black t-shirt (long enough to cover their belly when lifting their hands, black socks (no writing, holes or decals)

Melody's Thursday 4:30 & 5:30 - leotard, white or pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Hair is to be pulled half back

Scott's 6:30 Guys - Solid black pants. They can be sweats, cargo pants, denim, whatever...... The upper body can be any combination of black, white, and red including any hats, headbands, etc.... The shirts can be baggy, multi-colored or single color, t-shirt or otherwise, you could have a jacket over a shirt, any number of ideas would work. Loose or baggy is better than tight. Typical "street" looking clothes.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Let me know if you have any questions.

"The Lord bless you and keep you........"